Quality control report

Product FDG injection solution
Lot # MSF-120504-002
QC date 04-May-2012
QC reference time 08:14:01
QC operator Max Mustermann
Current system calibration CC-120504-001
Current system suitablity test SS-120411-052
Effective monograph European Pharmacopoeia 7.0


Item Lot #
TLC plate 1457775
pH strips MBR004-650
Reagent cassette RC-345.7118
Eluent 1 0195A191
Eluent 2 n/a
Cleaning water 0195A191


Status Recommended for release
Release only valid with electronic signature
Release date 04-May-2012
Release time 08:32:17
Qualified person Marie Mustermann
Electronic signature Refer to embedded signature in pdf-file