Automatic quality control for PET and MI tracers
At QC1 we develop miniaturized analytical systems and production technology for molecular imaging biomarkers.
Our current project is a universal, rapid quality control system for PET tracers.


The goal of this project is the development of a quality control system, which can be used everywhere despite varying Pharmacopoeias and their country specific interpretations. It helps harmonizing production and QC processes across country borders, which is highly desired in Europe and elsewhere.


Today 20 to 40 minutes are spent on performing pre-injection quality control tests. With a simpler and faster test between 10 and 15 minutes a key requirement for a rapid on-demand dose production is fulfilled. This is an important step forward towards personalized healthcare in the field of molecular imaging.


We want to demonstrate a thoughtful use of resources, which translates into a reduced material and energy consumption during production and operation as well as a reduction of disposables and waste. This is good for our environment and your budget. Additionally expensive laboratory real estate is freed from underchallenged, yet complicated and demanding analytical instrumentation.